Green Policy

We have signed up to Green Tourism as we strongly believe in their values, we hope to achieve at least a bronze award, this demonstrates a commitment towards people, places and our planet.

Energy Conservation and Carbon Footprint

As we were fortunate to have West House built for us photovoltaic cells are installed, along with underfloor heating and super-efficient A-rated condensing boilers which heat water on demand, great for reducing wasted energy heating unwanted water. The building has also been insulated and glazed to exceed current building regulations and we are proud to say that the apartments have achieved either an A or B rating in Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions.

All of the appliances have been carefully selected for reliability and energy efficiency, the microwave-oven, dishwasher and fridge are all rated A+. The washer-dryers are rated B and we have included a clothes airer in each apartment.

We respectfully remind customers the environmental benefits of switching off lights and appliances when not in use.

Our apartments are extremely well located for public transport and exploring our locality by foot. Our welcome packs include details of walks, cycle rides and promote further afield attractions and activities that can be accessed by public transport.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

In our world of excess and inequality and recognising that we are fortunate to have the opportunities available to us that not everyone has we are fully behind sourcing all our products ethically and sustainability.

We have taken pains to ensure that everything supplied in our apartments is carefully considered from our coffee and tea to our granola and rapeseed oil.

When sourcing our cleaning products and consumables we were delighted when we discovered SUMA as they tick all the boxes. SUMA is one of the UKs biggest worker cooperatives, owned and run by nearly 200 workers. Everything that they sell is 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. Suma plants in the region of 5,300 trees each year to offset the carbon produced by their fleet of delivery trucks. We think that they are a great role model and one which we want to support.

Natural and Environmentally Friendly Products

We spent a long time carefully selecting luxury toiletries for our apartments, we believe wholeheartedly in using natural products, why would we want to smother our bodies in chemicals? It proved surprisingly difficult to source natural British products so we were very excited to find The Little Soap company, their packing is 100% recycled, they don’t add chemicals or anything artificial but just as importantly their products still smell, look and feel great.

The same principle applies to all of our cleaning products, from the dishwasher tablets, and washing powder, to the toilet cleaner and washing up liquid everything is made using ingredients that are derived from plant extracts that are sustainably sourced, biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Our toilet roll, bin liners, pan scourers and even aluminium foil are all made from 100% recycled materials, when these items are supplied for every stay we are aware that this amounts to a significant amount of waste and so feel this is important.

Water Reduction

Reduced flush toilets have been installed in each apartment along with showers rather than baths.

Waste Reduction

We endeavour to produce as little waste as possible that ends up in landfill. We therefore adopt the Waste heirachy system with land fill being the last resort: Reuse, recycle, landfill. We have a bin store in the parking area housing the following waste and recycling containers:

Dry Mixed Recycling for paper, card, tins, cans, plastic bottles and magazines

Glass recycling for all glass bottles and jars

General waste for the remaining non recyclable items


The bin store is easily accessible for all guests and bins are provided within each apartment to segregate the waste in an easy to carry container to assist in the delivery of recycled items to the recycling bins outside.

We buy our consumables in bulk and use glass containers for all our refillable items such as sugar and herbs therefore eliminating weekly waste and the use of plastics.

Where reusing is not possible we actively encourage guests to recycle as much as possible. To achieve this we only supply a small general waste bin to encourage utilising the space within the recycling containers. As bathroom waste can generate a lot of bulky plastic waste, each bathroom is supplied with a two part bin with a small bagged waste container for general waste and a larger compartment for recycling items such as toilet rolls and empty cosmetic packaging.

Each kitchen is provided with a mixed recycling container and a general waste container. By having one mixed recycling container to take to the bin store, at which point the recycling can be segregated into glass or dry mixed recycling, we hope that this will encourage guests to make the most of the container provided.

All waste is collected by Kent-based Countrystyle Group  


Supporting the Local Economy

We have carefully sourced the products for our welcome hamper, we want to champion local products and support businesses from our local area but also seek out suppliers that share our values. To promote the local businesses further details of our suppliers are on our website in the Escape welcome pack.

Our welcome pack also promotes Canterbury and the wider area with details of locally run eateries, cafes, bars as well as local attractions and cultural venues.

Our cleaners and laundry services are local, family-run businesses.

Our apartments are filled with furniture from Bo Concept Canterbury, members of Global Compact and the fabrics have also been supplied by a Canterbury-based business.

We will strive to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to our locality. Understanding that our choices are critical it is our intention to adhere to the following;